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    Economy and Culture

    Argued by French, Portuguese and Dutchmen in the beginning of the Brazilian colonization, the maranhão (MA) he reveals in your cookery the mixture of the settlers' influences, of the Indians that there lived and of the brought blacks of the áfrica.

    The sweet Portuguese divide the table with the one of native fruits, as passion fruit, bacuri, jenipapo and tamarind. In the coast shellfishes, siris, crabs and fish are consumed. Directly of the neighbor's cookery Pará, the kitchen from Maranhão is light, with little seasoning and fat in the
    preparation of fish and meats.

    The first popular manifestation is the party of the drum-my-ox, but he also stands out the drum-of-Creole.

    Maranhão is the only state of the North Area with part of your territory for the amazon forest. An important area of environmental protection is the National park of the Sheets From Maranhão with dunes of up to 50 meters of height.

    The state shelters the important I besiege paleontological. In the city of Little Itapecuru they were already found the fossils of the oldest saurópode discovered in the country, with 100 million years.

    I trade him and the services answer for 46% of the economy of the state. About of the movement of loads in ports of the North and of the Northeast it goes by the port compound integrated by the terminals of Itaqui, Tip of the Wood and Alumar.

    Over there, they are exported aluminum, iron, soy and manganese mainly. He/she/you elaborates her, that it represents 25,2% of GDP from Maranhão, he/she leans on in the sections metallurgist, nutritious and chemical. In the agriculture, they stand out the cassava,
    the corn, and the soy.

    With a coast of 640 kilometers, most extensive Monday of the country (the first is the one of Bahia), Maranhão has in the fishing important economical activity.
    In 2004 the population of this state belonged to 6.021.504 inhabitants,
    dispersed in a territory of 331.983.2 km².

    Strategy of industrial development

    The strategy of industrial development of Maranhão is guided by a future vision characterized by the expectation of the society with relationship to an accelerated process of industrialization and it indicates an articulate group of actions for the construction of this future.

    The future wanted by the entrepreneurs for the industry of Maranhão it combines a high competitiveness sistêmica of the economy from Maranhão with a wide adensamento of the productive chains, increasing the aggregation of value of the products and central segments of the economy of the State.

    On the other hand, this future considers the enlargement of the internal market in the State and he/she presupposes an important change in reality economical, social and environmental, as condition even for the improvement of the from Maranhão economical competitiveness.

    This future is made possible by a successful alliance among the entrepreneurs, the Government of the State and the society, seeking to transform Maranhão in an of the principal links of sustentação of the national strategy of competitive integration with the world trade.

    Potentialities of Maranhão

    Enter the potentialities they were pointed out:

    The readiness of economical infrastructure (I carry, highways, ferrovias and hidrovias);

    The strategic geographical position (especially for export);

    The wide base of natural resources (lands, climate, resources hídricos etc.);

    A park mínero-metallurgist's existence and of a strong agricultural base, besides the integration with the external market.

    Canal Tourism

    Dial Tourism
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    (0**98) 3231 4696
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